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== Team styles and positioning ==

New Player Position : With greater freedom of movement, your teammates will analyze the course and react better than before. They run on coordinated races and place themselves in the back room to provide attack support. The new player positioning gives you a well-balanced spread on the track with more opportunities to read the game. Team styles : A deep set of authentic game styles derived from multiple teams adds the most used tactics on the track in FIFA 18 . You will immediately notice the tiki-take style of some of Europe's best clubs, or the style of high pressure in the Premier League. You feel the change defensively and offensive every time you choose a new club or opponent with the help of [fifa 18 free coins hack]fifa 18 free coins hack. Dynamic Speed ​​Chips : The new context-sensitive swaps make it easy to swap players without taking breaks in the game. If you hit a shot or have to make a swap after entering a goal, you can decide if a change is necessary without going to the menu at any time. Immersive atmosphere

Regional atmosphere : Authentic sun exposure, movie-like atmosphere rating, La Liga and MLS authentic TV graphics, scratch on the pitch, banners specific to clubs and arenas, adaptive comments and track quality changes give you amazing FIFA 18 authenticity . Dynamic HD Spectators : New, individual audience reactions and regional songs give you amazing energy from the stand. Hear authentic songs increase in volume as you build the attack and experience realistic reactions when you score. You can even interact with the audience when you celebrate. Dramatic moments

Understanding goals : New moves and end animations provide smoother shots and headings, which in turn provide better potential for more dramatic finishes. Player characters help the heroes of the match to complete more often in major arenas.