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We announced in the article "What will change on FUT Champions in FIFA 18", the game mode clash of teams will see the day in the FIFA Ultimate Team mode. And let's be frank, we're waiting for it impatiently. Here's everything you need to know about Clash of Teams, the mode that will make you love FIFA 18 free coins hack!

Team Clash, a FUT Champions Offline? Team Clash is a new game mode, a derivative of FUT Champions, which allows you to compete against teams created by the FUT community and who can make big money with [how to get free points in FIFA 18 http://fifa18gamecoins.greatwebsitebuilder.com/]. Thus, every day you will discover 4 new teams to face. These teams are real teams of FIFA Ultimate Team players. In Clash of Teams, each game played will earn you a certain number of points depending on the result of the best of [fifa 18 ultimate team hack tool http://lvcel.com/p/how-to-hack-fifa-18-with-coin-generator/] .