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1. Picking Out An Ideal Watch Box

If you were dealing with business worth billions by means of cash, you would definitely invest big on the best material, encryption and other desirable qualities for the safety of your money. Similarly, when it comes to your most prized wrist watches, you will definitely look for the premium watch box for use. Of course, there may be a lot of ego and sense of class going in. But to think of it on the brighter side, you will actually do more good to yourself than just feed your ego.

Unique custom watch boxes will no doubt go a long way to help boost your wrist watch sales! Here from this watch jewellery box supplier, you can find a lot of stylish designs such as waterproof watch storage boxes for men, ice-cube plastic watch gift box with pillow, T-shirt shaped customizable watch box with hanger and luxury plastic men's watch storage box, etc. There are a great variety of jewelry gift box wholesale available! You can find luxury plastic watch case for men, dinosaur egg watch display holder for kids' watch packaging and women's watch box -classic black boxes with flocking as well. If you’re looking for smart watch boxes gift packaging, you can try these square smart watch display boxes retail packaging, cheap compact smart watch stand for shop display or this watch box for women (ladies watch boxes) decorated with golden electroplated bowknot....


Hereinafter, are listed some factors that should be on your fingertips when looking for a good watch box.

· Color Colors speak a lot about a person. They describe your personality in details in just a jiffy. Therefore, if you are a person who is always buying classy watches, then your watch box needs to be compatible to the quality of your watches. Hues vary from one degree to the other, from light shades to dark shades. More often than not, black and grey top the list of colors with a touch of class. Dark, black as well as grey boxes display the presence of male dominion.

· Type of straps

Straps are also essential when it comes to choosing watches. Are you leather type or metal type? On the one hand, pure leather gives great credit to you and it is best suited for a watch box made with leather covering. On the other hand, watches with metal straps are better off without boxes covered with leather. Metals such as gold, silver, bronze just to name a few look better with dark black boxes.

· Size

The boxes vary in size and design. To bring out class, keep it simple and check on size. Some watch boxes can hold up to 10 watches while others may hold less or more. Depending on your preferences and the number of watches you possess, you can pick a box that meets all your needs. Small watch boxes will limit you in one way or another, while very big boxes may offer you more space but be too spacious. Pick something that will never make you regret a day.

· Price

In many cases, high quality products have been associated with high prices as well. To some extent, this may be true; however, not all high quality products come at expensive costs. Moreover, it does not necessarily mean that since an item is expensive, it is high quality. As you shop around in popular malls, you will be shocked to find quality products at fair prices. Even when you put your hand in pocket, there will not be too much hesitation to get cash for a good box.

By PacZone - Custom-size Plastic Packaging Boxes manufacturer from China!

2. Two Piece Cardboard Gift Box Design Offers Immense Customization Options

When designing and marketing your product, you probably take great care to ensure that it reflects your brand's ethics, values and qualities. However, how much attention do you pay to the packaging for that product? Actually, the packaging that you use can make a big difference. Regardless of the product contained inside, the packaging is what your customers will first see. Custom two piece gift box designs can offer you some significant benefits here, particularly for specialty items, one-time offers and other nonstandard product offerings. What are these boxes and what do they offer you, the manufacturer?

A two piece gift box is exactly what it sounds like - a gift box made up of two pieces. One piece traditionally holds the product (the bottom), while the other piece forms the lid (the top). However, that is where the similarities between different boxes end. This type of design is ideal for almost any type of product, and can be customized to meet any marketing or sales venue requirements that you might have.

For instance, you will find that a two piece gift box offers immense benefits when it comes to brand recognition. These solutions also provide tremendous benefits for promotions, and can be customized to meet thematic needs, stylistic requirements, color choices and design ideas. Luxury and retail packaging using two piece gift boxes stand out from the myriad other package designs lining store shelves and ensure maximum visibility for your product, whatever it might be.

Below, the cardboard jewelry boxes are a good example:


Of course, there are more nice gift boxes to choose from, for example, Custom-size Hexagonal Boxes and Synthetic Leather Watch Boxes for Men, etc.