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FIFA 19: gameplay, what's new

First announced at E3 2018, the new gameplay features of FIFA 19 were presented in more detail during our first game session. Active control system, dynamic tactics, dual 50/50 and synchronized finishing; find all the information about these novelties.

If the announcement of the Champions League for FIFA 19 Coin Generator PS4 is a strong argument, the gameplay remains the priority of many of the players who hope to have been heard after a FIFA 18 half-hearted.

We recently had the opportunity to put our hands on the E3 build of the game during the Producer Tour and therefore to see the new gameplay in action. Currently embargoed, we will not be able to give you our first impressions on the soft that August 4th , nevertheless we will talk here about the heart of the game ... the gameplay.

Active control system This new system changes the way of receiving and hitting the ball by providing even closer control than before, better fluidity of movement and more creativity. During our first games, we noticed the appearance of new mechanics of movements on the part of the players.

The AI ​​is more adaptable and instinctive than before, like a Zlatan Ibrahimovic, your player will now extend his body on a complicated balloon to receive it at all costs and with the game. most adequate body. If need be, your player will do a chest check to get in the best mood instead of attempting a totally incoherent shot.

The addition of a wider panel of feints , controls and technical gestures also contributes to a better control of the game with and without ball . For example, pressing R1 (or RB on Xbox) when you receive a floor pass will allow you to perform several body fights to get you out of an oppressive mark. From now on, you will also be able to lift the ball and even bounce it at any time using the right joystick.

Not to mention the addition of certain gestures "signatures" to the image of the rainbow Neymar. In short, the active control system enhances immersion and realism and offers players more opportunities to adapt to each situation. We hope very much that this will help to counter the rehearsal that is taking place fairly quickly each year on FIFA.

Dynamic tactics For FIFA 19, EA Sports has also reviewed the tactical dimension of the app including the addition of new tools for more advanced pre-match customization but also new options to make adjustments during key moments of a game.

As illustrated in the video above, the utility of the arrows of the pad and the mentalities that are attributed to them have been totally modified. You will now have only 5 different mentalities available in match:

Balanced aggressive Defensive Ultra offensive Ultra defensive The great novelty of this year lies in the management possibilities that these orders will offer you. Before a game, in the team management menu, you will have the opportunity to customize and assign a formation with different custom tactics for each of these mentalities.

Several defensive and offensive options will be available at the time of the configuration of http://www.fifauthack.com/deutsch/ your tactics without forgetting your usual sliders for which each value adjustment will have its impact, which will be directly explained to you at the time of the selection. Once in a match, you just have to adapt your style of play according to your opposition and the course of the match.

Duel 50/50 The concept of dueling will intensify on FIFA 19 with full consideration of player characteristics to determine who will leave with the ball in shoulder duels or in the air.

We will not go into too much detail here since we keep our impressions and opinions for the preview that will be released on August 4th. Nevertheless, according to our few hours of play, we were able to observe a radical change in AI behavior at the time of ground and air duels but also interceptions and particularly in the midfield.

Synchronized finish The new system, " Timed Finished, " will allow players to be responsible for the accuracy with which they will hit the ball. To achieve this synchronized finish, simply press the fire key twice (B on Xbox and O on PS4) in a short time.

The downhill shot on FIFA 18 gives way to this new shot that falls into the category of mechanical easy to understand but difficult to master . This new double-edged feature will reward risk-taking but will punish bad timing.

In our experience, the gauge presented in the trailer does not appear in match but it serves as an illustration. The accuracy and timing of the second press on the firing key will determine the quality of your finish as follows:

If the action is done with the right timing, it will increase the accuracy and power of the shot. Conversely, if your timing is bad, then you will be more likely to miss the target.