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Types of web hosting

Shared hosting is the most suitable option for beginners, small websites like personal blogs, simple websites as well as it is the most elementary form of web hosting available. It is the cheapest hosting plan of all which will be advantageous to smaller businesses. With shared hosting, you share a server with other clients of your hosting provider. All websites will share the same server resources, such as RAM (random access memory) and CPU (central processing unit).

VPS can be chosen when a client website starts growing (attracts bigger traffic). A virtual private-service mimics a dedicated server (your web host allocates a separate partition for you on the server) but within a shared hosting environment. This means you get a dedicated server space and a reserved amount of computing power and memory. By choosing VPS, you get more customization and control options. It requires a lot more knowledge and effort on your end. So, if you are not advanced in the development field, it's not recommended to get VPS. The cost for a VPS is higher than the cost for shared hosting, but not as expensive as running a true dedicated server.

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Dedicated is used for a huge amount of traffic and gives you full root and admin access control. You aren't sharing the server in any capacity, so you can, essentially, do what you want with it. However, dedicated hosting requires a good deal of technical knowledge.

Cloud offers remarkable advantages from scalability to setup to security. The resources required to maintain your website are spread across more than one web server, which reduces the chances of downtime, making it the most reliable solution on the market. Cloud hosting is scalable, which means you can grow your site using as many resources as possible and only pay for what you need.

Reseller hosting offers an opportunity to resell hosting services to your clients. Once you buy a reseller hosting package at a wholesale price, you can set the price that you want and sell that hosting under your name and brand to others. Therefore, you are able to have your own web hosting firm.

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There are many many factors that go into it, such as the extension, keyword strength (measured by Google search data), brandability, viability of development, age, length, ease of typing/spelling, ease of speaking, inclusion/exclusion of hyphens and numbers, availability of other viable options, any existing traffic it has, any links/pagerank it has, etc. Different styles of names can focus on different aspects of value for any sort of estimate.

Unlike real estate, there's no strong comps system for evaluating domains, so value of a single domain can be vastly different to different people. What one person may spend tens of thousands of dollars on, another may not even register if it was available.

Many domain investors like to focus on SEO value of the domain since "exact keyword matching" domains (in .com/.net/.org especially) tend to rank well for those keywords. For that, you can look at the baseline value of a #1 position in Google for those keywords, which would be equivalent to what a Google Adwords advertiser pays per click on the term times the amount of traffic the #1 ranking gets (approximately 40% of the search traffic for the term). It's not necessarily something that would point to a specific value for the domain, but it's good for evaluating one domain against other domains, especially within the same industry/niche, so it can certainly help when acquiring domains.

First of all a domain is always worth what someone is willing to pay for it so ask your self how much the domain would benefit your business brand and how much would that be worth so you can set a budget. Check Namesilo Coupon Coderesources like DNSalePrice.com ( Past Domain Sales Database) and DNJournal.com for latest sales to get an idea of what similar domains go for. This will give you an idea of one what the domain is worth and two an appropriate value to offer for the domain. You can also get independent valuation from the likes of sedo.com but not necessarily accurate.