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Denmark, Slovakia together with Iceland have been added in to Britain and Wales' travel quarantine lists : meaning vacationers returning from 4am on Saturday will have to self-isolate for 2 days.

The Carribbean island connected with Curacao has also been added to often the lists.

The government's "red list" is geared at stopping coronavirus spreading through countries with high illness rates.
Anyone which neglects to quarantine after coming back from these places : apart from a modest list of faveur : confronts a fine starting at £1, 000.

Virtually no countries possess already been taken out from the reddish colored record this week, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps confirmed.

The united kingdom government first announced the alterations for England, before Wales said it would comply with match.

영국 tends to make its pen decisions centered on - among various other issues - whether a nation's weekly infection price is above 20 instances per 100, 000 individuals.
The particular latest figures show Denmark has a weekly infection level of 45. 3 or more each 100, 000, exceeding the particular UK's 38. 6th per 100, 000.

The eu - slovak republic is a 24. 6 for each 75, 000, although Iceland is at 50. 7.

Open public Health England officials include been contacting reduce weight look at if they are adhering to the guidelines and in the event that they fail to obtain the response passenger specifics are passed to the particular police.

Police have revealed that two different people in Bolton - which has the maximum infection rate in England - have recently been reach using £1, 000 belle following returning from The country of spain plus Amsterdam.