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FES Academy is returning to Phoenix Arizona on August 18th and 19th, 2017. This is the 2nd FESA Academy sponsored occasion in the final 3 months.Phoenix residents will have an additional opportunity to see firsthand, the considerably-essential providers and possibility FES gives. FES Academy offers sophisticated coaching for FES agents in the nearby markets across the nation.

The preceding FES Corporate Overview and advanced coaching was the initial time FES Academy had traveled to Phoenix. The event was a massive accomplishment with not only regional agents attending but also agents from all around the nation.
FES Academy is largely responsible for the growth that Monetary Schooling Services has had more than the final 6 years. By providing sophisticated regional trainings, place on by highly educated successful FES agents, FES has been in a position to aid its agents turn into far better at marketing the goods and solutions and build a productive enterprise.
The Phoenix marketplace location is a wonderful industry due to the quantity of people moving right here day-to-day. A lot of of these men and women are hunting to lease an apartment or home, or looking to buy a property. Unfortunately, many of these new Arizona residents have credit score and other monetary challenges, stopping them from receiving a new home or apartment. By partnering with local businesses in the actual estate sector, and other credit score driven industries, FES has been ready to assist some of individuals people and more increase its enterprise in the Phoenix industry.
On August 18th at seven:thirty PM you will have an chance to see a professionally completed FES presentation by Executive Vice President Mr. Joe Locke. Joe is also FES Academy Director of Education and best producer in FES. Joe will also be conducting the coaching on Saturday for new and present agents. This is an incredible possibility to learn from 1 of the best in FES. Source Link