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How do you celebrate a god’s birthday? Effectively, if you’re in southern Taiwan, then you do it the old-fashioned way, using what’s called a liushuihsi, a catered banquet grilled right on site. In addition to for one particular brow, that meant offering one regarding the most prized fishes inside ocean.
People endure in long lines, possessing their dishes; they’re cueing up for clean sashimi from the 68-kilo yellowfin tuna! And the reason for the free banquet? These are honoring the birthday of the god who’s worshipped here at Nansheng Temple within the southernmost county of Pingtung.

This woman claims: "Only at Nansheng Brow do you want to find such a good massive offering of sashimi. "

Some sort of temple formal says many individuals came in order to celebrate and they wished them to share inside the joy and delights.

And this is not any tiny feast: 45 desks within all!

This official tells they often change the menu, and give people something for you to look forward to. Hence, .

Banquets in southern Taiwan are known for their very own extravagance: stuff like whole lobsters, mullet roe, and soars packed with super fruit. It gives the gods a new lot of face and the friends love it too.