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When we need to redesign the pdf file, we can specifically convert the pdf file to a cad file, which can not only function on the primary basis, but also conserve time, how must we do it? Let’s take a glance Appropriate.

Initial, we open up the Zhuanzhuan converter, pick out 'pdf conversion' in the higher menu bar, and then choose 'text to cad' from the 'pdf to other' column on the left. , import the file to be converted into the converter. There are two strategies: one. Simply click the '+' sign in the center of the editor to increase 2. Drag the file instantly into the specified box in the converter. The precise operation is revealed in the pursuing figure:

Immediately after the Pdf file is imported into the converter, the position bar will exhibit as 'Waiting for conversion'

In the back again box, you can enter the site selection of the pdf file (web pages to webpages) that want to be converted to cad

The lower still left can be chosen according to particular desires

The output file style: 'dwg' 'dxf',

Output method: 'output one particular file for each page' 'output to the similar file',

Output version

Then set the file preserve route.

Right after the earlier mentioned steps are finished, you can click on the 'Start Conversion' button in the lessen right corner to execute file conversion.

Wait for a when and wait for the inexperienced check out mark below the position bar to suggest that the conversion is finish. You can open the converted cad file instantly from the 'Open' button below the operation bar or simply click the folder icon to view the folder area wherever the cad file is situated.

Let's review the result of the file. The left side is the authentic pdf file and the proper side is the transformed cad file. The conversion degree of the master to pdf to cad conversion is basically above ninety five%.