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Choosing a pillow is a very personal thing, because each person sleeps in a different position and wants a specific type of comfort. In addition to the shape and size, the padding greatly determines the hardness of the pillow and is a determining criterion that corresponds to specific needs.

Natural filler or synthetic filler?
Traditionally, a distinction is made between a natural filler and a synthetic filler. The first type is chosen for being natural and authentic, and the second, for its hypoallergenic qualities and its practicality. What characteristics does each one have?

The down pillows are filled with feathers and will be more or less hard depending on the amount they contain. The lower the percentage of feathers, the fluffier the pillow will be. Conversely, the higher the percentage of feathers, the harder it will be. We offer you the models that best suit your comfort needs. The BAFFIN Natural Down DODO Pillow, filled with 15% duck feathers and 85% feather plume, or the DODO natural duck feathers, offers a soft contact but retains considerable natural hardness. These pillows are of great quality and last a long time. They also guarantee an appropriate temperature for sleep.

The synthetic pillows are filled with different fibers, hollow fibers for better air circulation and silicone fibers for a greater feeling of softness. Healthy and hygienic, they are recommended for people with allergies. Sometimes they are criticized for not contributing to maintaining an optimal temperature. Our DODO Freshness 100% polyester model is designed for hot summer nights. In addition to having a cotton surface, the microcapsules generate a freshness effect on contact with the person. The DODO Easy Night model has a Topcool cover that guarantees optimal ventilation and removes moisture. These synthetic pillows are high quality products and easy to wash.

What degree of hardness should be chosen?
The position of the body during sleep determines the degree of hardness. In the case of those who sleep on their stomach, the head should be in a position that is the natural extension of the spine, and ideally they should use a fluffy pillow. Those who sleep on their backs can use medium hard pillows to keep the head and neck in good position. Lastly, hard pillows are recommended for those who sleep on their side.

Shape memory pillows adapt to the person's morphology by “memorizing” pressure points exerted by body heat. The material acts as a molding that adapts to the shape of the head and neck. It supports the neck in a correct alignment with the spine and guarantees a true relaxation of the muscles. Our DODO Thermogel shape memory foam model integrates various technologies. On JDGO , it offers an excellent distribution of pressure points and, on the other, its viscoelastic foam with thermosensitive microcapsules guarantees constant freshness.

Reasons to choose ergonomic pillows
The cervical or ergonomic pillow is useful for people suffering from neck pain. It plays a crucial role in the quality of sleep. Available in various shapes and various sizes, it serves to relieve tension, especially if you sleep on your side. Its specificity has to do with its shape. Its curves are specially designed so that your neck adapts as a perfect extension of your spine.

We offer you ergonomic shape memory pillows, capable of supporting your cervical vertebrae and preventing back pain. Our Memory Dreams II model, filled with memory foam and a 100% polyester cover can be purchased at a very convenient price. The 100% cotton flame retardant model guarantees you a relaxed sleep in complete safety. Made of memory foam memory of the latest generation and with a density of 50 kg / m³, ensures a perfect rest. The Aloe Vera pillow, which comes with the Naturea cover, stands out for its great softness. This natural material offers an excellent feeling of relaxation and has moisturizing and antibacterial properties. True to this same natural spirit, Naturea's Shape Smoothness model will immerse you in a paradise of well-being thanks to its 100% renewable bamboo cover. offers pillows of all kinds at unbeatable prices so that everyone can find their model and enjoy absolute comfort at rest.