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The biggest prêt à manger chain in South Korea isn't McDonald's, KFC, or Burger King — nevertheless they all have locations in the country.

Rather, Lotteria is the best, with extra than 1, three hundred areas, plus hundreds more all through Asia.

While this may be reductive to compare every prêt à manger chain to McDonald's, Lotto makes the comparison pretty uncomplicated. The burger-and-fries-centric menu is comparable, as can be the prices. Locations appear related, both to one particular another and to McDonald's back in the INDIVIDUALS. There is even a good McDonald's right next to the Lotteria from Seoul Station, forcing vacationers to decide on which prêt à manger company to ally by themselves having as soon as many people enter into the city.

Instead of making , I decided to be able to try McDonald's and Tombola back-to-back to see which fast-food chain arrived on the scene on best. I discovered more parallels than differences, yet one particular chain still handled in order to eke out the success thanks to one main edge.