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Most of the youngsters were asking for bread. They were advised the journey would take 4 weeks. Poor youngsters, mother and father, old people.
April 1941The death rate of Jewish prisoners in the Warsaw ghetto exceeds 2,000 per 30 days for the first time. It will peak in August at 5,560 deaths. Dec. 1940A report from the Polish government-in-exile estimates that 410,000 people have been locked contained in the Warsaw ghetto. Some of the individuals were crying.
They’ll journey for a lot of long weeks, youngsters dying as they cross via a supposedly joyful, free nation. I heard the jangling of keys, a gate being opened.
Their eyes were crammed with insane concern, despair, abandon. They took no matter they had been able to carry on their slender backs. They are being taken to Birobidzhan. They will travel in closed, dark carriages, 50 people in every. They will journey in airless, soiled, infested conditions.
You know, I’m going to go anyway. I can’t simply hand over altogether.
We kissed for the second time right now. It felt so nice, however you realize, it wasn’t fiery or wild, but one way or the other delicate and careful, nearly fearful—as if we didn’t wish to extinguish something that was growing between us. I am the unhappiest of sad people. Why did Zygus prepare to take Irka to a celebration? Why does he wish to spite me?