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Fortunately, the application for a visa approval letter may be accomplished and submitted on-line. The visa for Vietnam is a travel authorisation for travelling to and coming into Vietnam. All travellers are required to possess their very own visa; this consists of children. Vietnam allows residents from certain nations, together with the UK , to remain in Vietnam for 15 days without a visa.
After approval, the visa shall be despatched to you digitally by e-mail; you only need to print it and take it with you on your trip for a cushty journey to Vietnam. If you want to apply for an extended stay or need to visit the country a number of instances, then you will want to use on to the embassy for consideration. UK residents can apply for up to 90 days or for a Multiple-Entry authorisation should you apply directly through the embassy. As per the immigration legal guidelines of Vietnam, British passport holders can't enter the country and not using a visa.

Currently, the Government of Vietnam is requesting a Medical Declaration which have to be obtained upon arrival in Vietnam. visa for uk citizens in vietnam Original passport, with no less than one blank web page for stamping by the Vietnam Immigration Officer. A. In most cases, you do not want a visa for transit in Vietnam if you do not cross the immigration/passport management counter to catch the connecting flight. To make certain, we extremely recommend you check together with your airways for specific requirements at your transit airports. If you need to ship them by publish, please add a self-addressed envelope with clear FULL ADDRESS of the recipient, together with the country name.
Travellers can apply for a 30 day vacationer visa from the nearest Vietnamese Embassy or via the more handy methodology of applying online for an E Visa. After submitting an application you will receive a confirmation number, then upon arriving to Vietnam you will obtain the actual visa and moreover pay a stamping charge of USD$25. If your journey is lower than 15 days in size, you can apply for a visa exemption on arrival to the nation as part of the waiver scheme for UK citizens. To get this waiver authorised you'll need to supply a passport that has 6 months’ validity from the day you want to enter the country in addition to proof of onward journey. Visas are required by most nations for citizens of different countries to enter.
Some governments require guests to acquire a visa prior to arriving, while others problem visas to people upon arrival. Vietnam visa necessities are actually a combination of these two approaches. Visitors should apply in advance for a visa approval letter, after which acquire the official visa stamp in their passports upon arrival within the country.

  • However, we strongly recommend touring with 6 months validity on your passport at all times.

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However, when you plan on staying longer than 15 days, you'll require a visa. Submitting an online software is the easiest method to meet this requirement.


However, as a result of COVID 19, Vietnam’s borders remain shut to all foreign vacationers, together with UK residents. There are 1000's of British/UK residents going to Vietnam yearly, on both tourism and business purposes. It implies that entering Vietnam is not troublesome for UK residents as prior to now.